Hi, I'm Katie...or sometimes Kate depending on who I am with.  My family calls me Katie but somehow I became Kate over the years.  I always introduce myself as Kate, but since my family calls me Katie and I want to be open about my life with you, just as I would with my family, I will be Katie here too.


  At almost 31 years old I finally found my passion, and it's sharing my thoughts and feelings about life and motherhood, mostly.  One morning at work one of my sweet co-workers said to me "I love how you talk about your family, you just light up and I can feel how much they mean to you."I was so moved by this, I thought, I need to let this light shine and share it with others, it opened my eyes and my heart to blogging.

  I started this blog to share my most wonderful, exciting, challenging and insightful moments of life.  TBH...(I just learned this one, lol)

I write simply because, it makes me feel good.  I hope reading it makes you feel good too, but more than anything I hope it inspires you to be the..

Mom, You Dream To Be!   

Here I am with a few of my  favorite things:
(I've come to realize I wear rather frequently, as I am going through pics to post)
Time with my sister Hayley or "TT"-as my girls like to call her.  (She is taking the photo)