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May 3, 2018

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Sorting Through Life One Load at a Time

January 22, 2018


Laundry and I just never got a much so that my husband would hide his clothes from me and wash them himself when I wasn't around. 


Until now, once I simplified my system and dedicated myself to one load of laundry each day. 

One hamper + one basket + once a day = simplifying laundry to start loving it!



I used to have organizers and hampers for everything.  A hamper in each bedroom, and a rolling laundry divider in the laundry room labeled...yes labeled whites, darks, and towels.  I even had my husband install a closet rod across the laundry room to hang our laundry.


I would tell myself...I will do laundry every other day, I don't want to be doing laundry everyday ugh, why can't I ever find socks that match?


Well then days would pass and the laundry would pile up.  Then we would end up doing it all on one day...which I am not a big fan of. 


I don't want to dedicate an entire day of my life to laundry...NO FUN.  Then I would do a load and dry it, or hang it but not put it away. 


I had some seriously bad laundry habits.  I finally decided changes must be made. 


These are the changes I made:


One hamper in the laundry room for ALL dirty laundry


One laundry basket to remove clean dry items to be folded and put away 


Four hangers for drying rod 


Delicate's Mesh Wash Bags

I told my husband and my daughters that all dirty clothes must be taken to the laundry room, and not left in your rooms since you no longer have a hamper.  


Now I needed to get is my new routine:


Start one load of laundry as part of my Morning Routine


Place socks in mesh the socks and my sanity stay together. 


Fold (Konmari method of folding...sounds weird at first but now I LOVE it) and put laundry away during nap-time as part of my Afternoon Routine


Remove all items from drying rod, fluff, and put away



Once I implemented these changes it became so much easier to manage my laundry...and I can't believe this but...kind of fun.  


xo, katie




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