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May 3, 2018

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The Benefits of Playing Games With Your Children

March 6, 2018

It's Fun

How many parents out there want to spend time with their kids learning but don't know where to start?  This is how I felt and still feel at times.  It's not as fun when we're trying to teach right?  Here's how to turn learning into fun quality time spent with your children.  


One day when we were visiting my sister's first grade classroom, my 3 year old became completely obsessed with this game Mystery Box.  She loved taking an object out of the box, sounding out the word, and then trying to match it to be beginning letter.  My mom ordered us the game on Amazon and Lyla has loved playing it ever since.

Listening and Waiting Your Turn 

What's great about this game is it allows us to have time together playing and learning.  It makes learning letters fun...not work.  It also teaches the importance of following the rules and being a good listener.    


Since Lyla Loved Mystery Box  so much we decided to look into more Lakeshore Learning games and found Alphabet Learning Locks, matching lowercase letters to the uppercase letters, when the letters match the key will will turn, and the lock will open.  I honestly wouldn't have known about these games if I hadn't visited my sister's school that day, and I am so glad we did. 

Letter Recognition 

I can't believe I am saying this but my sweet little Lyla will be starting kindergarten this year and I am so thrilled that she knows her letters and is writing her name.  She can thank me later for giving her a four letter name.  The last name we don't have down yet...I sometimes still struggle with it myself.  Laugh-out-loud.  Lyla does attend preschool three days a week so I can't take all the credit here, but I do believe this game has really helped with her letter recognition. 


Colors and Counting 

We can't forget about the all time favorite kid's board game...Candyland, the classic game of sweet adventures.  I mean who doesn't love this game?  SO bright, colorful, and fun.  The whole family can play.  We love Candyland for learning colors, counting, and waiting your turn.  


Quality Time/Boosting Self-Esteem 

Some of my favorite memories as a kid, and even an adult are sitting around the table with family and friends playing board games.  I feel like it's the best way to get everyone engaged, laughing, and having a great time together. 

Learning How to Lose

Kids learn sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose,  waiting your turn,  the satisfaction of winning, and how to congratulate the winner when you have lost.  There are so many benefits to children playing games and learning the concept at an early age.  Playing games with your children is a great way to spend time learning letters, numbers, colors, following rules, and the value of interacting with others.  What better way to teach our children important social skills?


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